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 2016 Schedule

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Outlaw Nation, the Mossdale dates have officially been changed to October 29th and 30th. I know it's Halloween weekend and I know it's Matt Ford's mega national holiday - but it's the last weekend we can squeeze it in to be in conjunction with the Pumpkin Farm festivities which run thru the 31st. Hopefully most of you will be able to make it...

Pre-race sign ups are now being accepted. If the rosters support the race it will be a green light. If not, then everyone will have some extra time off - please send me an email to with your name, race class, ski make, and race number.

2 day IJSBA/DJSA sanctioned race.

>Oct 29th and 30th.
Mossdale Lakes in Lathrop.

I know it's Halloween weekend. That's one reason we're squeezing this one in so that all of you who dig going to the Del Osso Pumpkin Farm can still do so on Saturday night. (they close down after the 31st)

I know many of you just got back from World Finals - so did I... Since I've been back I had to rush right back to work and I haven't even had a chance to do laundry or take the food out of the fridge in the motor home yet. An extra week of prep time certainly makes things easier on me, I can only hope it makes things easier on you as well.

Full race info will be posted later today.
Hope to see you at Matt Ford's favorite holiday!! JL

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DJSA 2016 Schedule

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