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Take It Out And Race It !

Time to race !
The DJSA is offering first time racers a chance to see if racing is in your blood.
Racing in the DJSA is more then just racing. its and event full of Fast skis, Fun times and Family, not just the family you bring but your DJSA racing family.

So come out have some fun and most of all be safe.
The DJSA is going on its 10th season offering great venues, challenging tracks
,food, special events and an amazing safety crew , so come out and see what your ski was built to do....there are only a few things you need to quilify for
First Race Free Program

1, You must have a well maintained watercraft two cycle or four cycle
    Stand ups and sitdowns
2. Helmet, goggles, gloves and coast gaurd approved floatation vest
3. Personal Health Insurence coverage
4. You may not have participated in any DJSA event in the last 3 years
5. Lastly you must obtain a Official FRF orange ticket. this ticket is free
    and can be obtained by any DJSA racer or Staff personal..
    This ticket is your free ride ticket. You can come to any race to pick up a FRF         ticket, you can go on any of our media outlets to meet a racer or staff. as in           facebook, Instagram or PWCtoday DJSA forum or you can go to any of the             participating repair shops below

* This program does not incude the SCXP Cass. this class is only for the most          experienced racers

We do this to encurage you to meet some one currently involved with the DJSA
and be able to ask questions and learn about the sport our organization and the rules that are in place for fairness and safety, so you can focus on getting around the track fast and safe.

FRF tickets availible at:
thejetskidoctor 510-269-RACE

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