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DJSA 2015 Staff


Somehow DJSA has been blessed with having the BEST race staff you could ever ask for running the show and providing you with some awesome outlaw racing....


The TEAM ORANGE safety ski team ~

Robbie Hall

Raul Gutierrez

B.J Lovan

Alec Chattaway

Robert Stellhorn

Matt "Cannonball" Ford 

John Bonkowski

Phil Lago

David Tew - enduro team

Richard Ignacio - enduro team


DJSA Chief Flag Official

Trent Dickensen


Staging and Startline Official

John Dewar


DJSA Marketing Team

Amanda Stellhorn

Doug "Karty" Wolff

Alec "Chatty" Chattaway

Kurt Knollenberg

Richard "Maverick" Ignacio

Jaime Pirnie

Norm Yee


DJSA Equipment and Set Up Managers

Jesse Harden and a whole lot of racers with a whole lot of heart!!! 


Ground Crew

Doug "Karty" Wolff

General John Dewar

Johnny Cowboy DelaRosa

Norm Yee


The Incredible Team Orange scoring and registration staff ~


Maria Gutierrez

Nicole Girling

Tammy Pirnie


Kenna Sylva

Amanda Stellhorn


Doreen Knollenberg

Mandie Gutierrez

Katie Knollenberg


DJSA photographer Traci Cottle

DJSA Social Media - Jaime Pirnie

DJSA Live Stream Webcasting - Rick Ignacio

DJSA Video footage - Arnold Angeles

DJSA Aerial drone footage - Robert Stellhorn

DJSA staff writers Catriona Cottle and Doug Wolff


The DJSA "Outlaw Cafe" 

Masterchef Jill Drexel

Amanda Stellhorn  


And the voices calling the shots that make you think you're at a Nascar Sprint Cup Race - the multi talented Brian Boell, the newly discovered talent of

Jill Drexel, and the legendary Kurt Knollenberg!!!


Incredible racers - incredible staff - and its all safe, fun, and affordable.

You ready to be an outlaw? Here's 2 words for you ~

"Let's Race" !!!



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