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RPM Series Season Closer (Day), NorCal/SoCal Shootout at NIGHT! - Saturday August 22nd

Race #6 - Sunday August 23rd - Round 6 DJSA DOUBLE Points Race

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Race 6 of the 2015 DJSA Series… 

Sun Aug 23rd , 2015
“Double Points Sunday” 

Host Location ~
Mossdale Lakes 
96 Mossdale Rd, 
Lathrop, Calif. 95330

Mossdale Lakes (also known as the Mossdale Rock Quarry) is centrally located off HW-5, near Tracy, Lathrop, Manteca, and Stockton.  

Tentative Sunday schedule ~ 3 heat format
(please note the slightly different time schedule)
7am– 8am Registration open
800am – Registration closes
830am – Mandatory roll call and riders meeting
900am - Practice by class
1030am – Heat 1 all classes
1200pm - Lunch break  
1230pm – Heat 2 all classes
2pm – Break 
230pm - Heat 3 all classes
400pm - Course closed 
5pm – Awards on site

Race fees ~ 
$40 for 567 Vintage Triple Threat
$50 all the way across the board for everyone else. 
All classes will run 3 heats of Outlaw Racing
Additional classes - $30 each (3 heats in a day max)

Without prior approval, and if not racing the IJSBA race on Saturday, all onsite entries are $100 regardless of class.

**** Pre-registration closes on Sunday, August 16th at 9pm.  

Site fees ~
Dry Camping - $25 per night. You can pay Dawn from RPM at registration, or you can use the Pay Pal link on the website. All fees go directly to Mossdale in lieu of paying higher site fees, so please help us out and be diligent
in this area.  

Paypal has been modified so that you can make a single transaction instead of making several just for one race. Add up your race fees and enter that amount into the box. The only separate transaction listed is for camping because that goes directly to Mossdale Lakes. 

Advanced payment via paypal helps me out and speeds things up on race day - but what’s most important is sending me a completely filled out entry form via email. You can download a current form at Incomplete forms will be sent back to you, so please fill them out completely with all personal, emergency contact, medical, and race ski info included… if it’s requested on the form it’s for a reason.

On site entry forms with “info on file” in place of the required information will not be processed. 
I only need one entry per racer but if you are running multiple classes on different skis, I need the additional info for the classes and the skis you will be running. Things always run smoother if we know you’re coming in advance, and your help in this area is greatly appreciated…

If we have your completed 2015 entry form on file, all you need to do is shoot me an email of intent with your – 
Full Name, 
Class or classes, 
Race #, and 
Ski makes /models. 
I will print your entry out for you. If any of your personal or sponsor info has changed – I’ll need you to send me an updated entry form. 

Start positions ~
Heat 1 start line picks for Sunday will be established from the order that 
pre-entries are received. Those registering on race day will get randomly assigned line picks after all pre-entered racers take their place on the line. Heat 2 and 3 start line picks will be based on finish positions of the previous heat. The race staff will make start line determinations for novice and intern racers dependent upon class size.

Pit vehicles ~ 
Pit Vehicles will only be operated by registered racers or crew members. 
Pit vehicles will only be allowed in the vicinity of the race site, launching, and parking areas with a mandatory speed limit of 5 mph. Pit vehicles are not allowed outside the designated event area and they WILL NOT be operated on trails at anytime. 

No pit vehicles will be operated during hours of darkness except for the Shootout Saturday night. Joy riding by under age operators will not be allowed at any time. 
Reckless or negligent operation will not be tolerated and will result subject in pit vehicles being parked for the remainder of the event, and or, disqualification from racing. It’s real simple. We have people we have to keep happy, mainly the site owners and the insurance companies. Help us keep them happy, and we’ll try to keep you happy with some good racing sites. 

If anyone needs help with this call me ~ otherwise… 
* All dogs must be on a leash at all times.
* All dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Course ~
The course will be run in a reverse direction from the racing on Saturday.  
Red buoys - right turns
Yellow buoys - left turns
Blue buoys with a solid – start of a split (“blue goes into 2”) 
White buoys with a solid – end of a split (“white means single line is again alright”)
Checker buoys – finish line (pass between them on every lap or you don’t get scored)
Black buoy – penalty buoy
Blue / Yellow – joker buoy (if in play) 
White/Red bumper float – yield mark when re-entering course from penalty buoy

Please race smart - and go around the buoys without hitting them. Replacing buoys in 55 ft of water is a pain. Any racer popping or dislodging a buoy from it’s anchor, resulting in officials having to stop the race to replace or alter the course route for other racer’s safety, will be black flagged from the heat in progress and scored a dnf. 

Penalty Buoys ~ 
The black penalty buoy will be set up at a pre-designated place on the course. 
The buoy will be taken at race speed, however when reaching the white and red YIELD mark prior to re-entering the course, you MUST YIELD to any approaching 
“active racer” within 100 ft. Just as a reminder, when you’re taking the penalty you’re not an “active racer” until you re-enter the track… 

If you are signaled to take the penalty buoy by a Team Orange course marshal, you are to do so at that time. Blatant failure to obey the orders of any course marshal will result in your being scored last – or worse - dq’d for the day. If you question a course marshal’s decision on the water see me after the heat and we’ll talk it out. 


We have 4 simple rules – and you’re expected to know them.
1) The mandatory 1 ski length safe zone in effect at all times -
2) The 100 ft yield rule - 
3) Mandatory slow down and position hold in yellow flag corners –
4) At race completion, power thru the checkers, hold your line, raise a hand -

If you are unclear as to the safety rules we run, they are all outlined at or at Knowing them in advance will keep you from being dq’d in a heat, and in a point series that’s not what you want to have happen. Call or email me if you are unclear about the rules.

You need ~
* A minimum of 10" or larger non contrasting race numbers are required on every ski. (larger is better!) If you have a dark hull use light colored numbers. If you have a light colored hull, use dark numbers. If we can’t read your numbers from a distance you won’t be scored. 
* If a race number is duplicated - one racer will add an X, or the first initial of their last name. 
* All Skis MUST HAVE a tow loop attached to the bow. One to the rear is also highly recommended.
* All skis in every class, must have a working safety lanyard.
No numbers - no tow loop – no lanyard - no racing – no exceptions! 

Soon to be a requirement ~ 
One of the things that went wrong at CFW, was my allowing skis to run with illegible race numbers, which causes grief for the scorers, and in turn, me. When the question arises who do you want to keep most happy at a race, the first answer that comes to mind is “the racers” but in reality – you want to keep the score keepers the most happy, because when they are happy – I’m happy! Plus when you have readable numbers it doesn’t take me 2 weeks to finalize results from a race…

Under those minimum 10in race numbers, you will be required to have a 12x12 black or white square background under your race numbers. Black on white, or white on black works best… just keep in mind your numbers MUST BE highly visible and easy to read for the score keepers. Any graphics shop should be able to hook you up but my 2 fav’s are Lil-D at Hurricane Industries in Antioch (, or Kristin at Racer Bling in Roseville. (  

Help us make your day go smoothly…
When you hear your heat race announced as being “on deck” for staging, that’s the time to gear up, start your ski, and warm it up on the south end of the lake in the designated warm up area. When you are called to staging, you will go immediately to the right of the start beach and wait for your start line position from the staging official.  

Warm Up Area ~
The designated warm up area will be at the south end of the course to the right of the pit beach. Please be considerate of racers on the course and maintain NO WAKE SPEED along the pit beach until you clear the course boundary. Watch out for each other warming up. Our attention is focused on the course and not out in right field, so please KEEP AN EYE ON EACH OTHER WHEN WARMING UP. If someone needs team orange assistance away from the course, notify me on the flag dock, or one of the team orange safety ski riders on the water.

Remember ~ 
* One Ski length safe zone rule in effect at all times > no contact - no exceptions
* 100 ft yield rule in effect at all times – no exceptions
* Penalty buoys will be in place - NO CIRCLEING BACK TO MAKE UP BUOYS!
* Reckless or negligent racing are grounds for leaving early and/or suspension from 
the series.
* Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind, on or off the water, is an invite to leave  
early and/or face suspension from the series, and that includes racers, crews, 
family, friends, or staff members.
* No alcohol is permitted until the END of the race day for all racers and crew 
* All racers must be 18 years of age unless accepted into djsa internship program
* All racers must have proof of current medical insurance available.
* Please observe the NO WAKE zone when transiting from the launch ramp to the pit 
* PFD’s are required even when taking your ski off the trailer. 
* Helmets are required if active racing is in progress.  
* No fueling at the waters edge without fuel pads or you will have to pull your ski  
from the water. I will have fuel pads available at the riders meeting and at  
race trailer. Violating this mandatory policy can result in a DQ for the day…
* ALL RACERS ARE REQUIRED TO POWER THROUGH the checker buoys and hold  
their line for at least 100ft. ALL RACERS ARE REQUIRED TO RAISE A HAND, and 
LOOK BACK to make sure it’s safe to pull off the course. Raising your hand lets the  
racer behind you know you’re coming off the gas and preparing to pull off the  
course. Powering through the checkers also keep you from getting T-boned but  
most importantly – it’s required so just do it!  
PROTECTION – in English that means NO BARE FEET!!!!

Holders ~
Holders are allowed in every class. 
All holders are required to wear a helmet, eye protection, PFD, and footwear otherwise they will not be allowed into the start line area. Gloves are highly recommended.  

Hotel Rooms ~
There are way too many hotels, motels, malls, outlet stores, and restaurants to list – so “google” the area and have at it! Lathrop, Stockton, and Tracy all have nice reasonably priced hotel and motels in the area. Comfort Inn, Days Inn, and Hampton Inn have been our host hotels in the past, and are all located in the immediate vicinity, but you’ll have to call for current rates… all are within 5-10 minutes of the race site. Please note – RPM has secured a discount racer rate at the Holiday Inn Express which is only an exit or two up I-5. Reservations for the HIE close on the 7th. Check the RPM site for the rates and contact info.  
Other alternatives - 
Days Inn – (209) 982-1959
Comfort Inn – (209) 983-1177
Hampton Inn – (209) 982-5070  

The course diagram will be posted soon... 

I look forward to having a front row seat at the Norcal–Socal shootout at “the rock” and 
getting to see all my Socal friends I haven’t seen in way too long a time…. 

Should be fun!!! "Lets Race"!!! 

Call if you have any questions. (925) 303-0713

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